Canape Menu

Minimum 3 dozen per item, unless special arrangements are made.
Some items are only available with staff onsite.
Fresh Ground lamb with fresh herbs and cumin.
served with house made cilantro crema
Fresh ground chicken with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, braised onions, lemon zest, & fresh herbs
served with house made tzatziki
Organic Local beef in a creamy tomato basil sauce or sweet & spicy sauce

Fresh herb & pepper crusted Beef Tenderloin thinly shaved and served with a fresh herb cream cheese on a crusty baguette topped with balsamic caramelized onions

Shaved prosciutto on crusty baguette with creamy fresh herb cheese & dried figs

Creamy artichoke, caramelized onions, sundried tomato & spinach crema topped with Parmesan shavings

Wild mushroom & braised onion ragout

Slow roasted thinly sliced pork tenderloin served with a chunky cranberry, apple, red wine & caramelized onion salsa

Moroccan style slow roasted lamb shoulder served on a toasted pita triangle & topped with a fresh herbed yogurt

Flaked maple ginger glazed wild salmon served on a house made cracker with a fresh herb yogurt

Mini Grilled Skewers
Fresh herb & lemon marinated chicken with house made tzatziki
Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable skewer
Red Thai curried chicken served with a creamy curry

Maple ginger glazed wild Sockeye salmon

Soup Shots
Roasted tomato & fresh herb
Moroccan Pumpkin
Wild mushroom
Gazpacho (cold)
Roasted cauliflower & potato topped with crispy bacon

Risotto Balls Served with a Chunky Fresh Basil Marinara
Wild mushroom
Roasted pumpkin
Spinach and feta

Moroccan spiced lamb sliders served on a house made brioche bun with a lemon cilantro yogurt

Slow roasted pulled pork with caramelized onions and coleslaw on a house made bun

Chicken mole served on a house made brioche bun with a cilantro sour cream

Mini Tartlets
Wild mushroom
Caramelized onion, smoky bacon & goat cheese
Ricotta, tomato & fresh basil

Mini Pizzas
Fresh basil marinara
Roasted pepper, grilled zucchini, braised onion
Roasted potato and fresh thyme
Kalamata olive, capers, garlic & caramelized onion

Salad Skewers
Fresh mozzarella bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil finished with a balsamic glaze
Feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion & kalamata olives marinated with a Greek style vinaigrette
Watermelon, feta and fresh basil (seasonal)

Fresh Melon & Parma Prosciutto
Fresh Peaches with Parma prosciutto & fresh basil

Erbazzone Triangles
An Italian speciality of fresh spinach, swiss chard, ricotta, braised onions and Parmesan cheese baked in a homemade pastry

Spanish Tortilla
A Spanish omelette made with roasted potatoes, caramelized onions and fresh thyme & served with a chunky tomato, kalamata olive & caper salsa

Mini Tacos (can be set up as a taco station)
Organic chicken slow cooked till tender with herbs, peppers & onions served in a flour or corn tortilla with pico de gallo and feta
Tender braised beef or pork with avocado salsa on a bed of slaw served with pico de gallo
Grilled fish served on a bed of house made slaw with spicy mango salsa and finished with a lime crema
Chipotle shrimp tacos with a chunky avocado salsa finished with a cilantro lime crema
$42/dozen (seasonal)

Caponata on Grilled Polenta
Sicilian style stew made with eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions, capers and roasted tomatoes served on grilled polenta triangles

Lamb Keftas
Moroccan spiced lamb kefta, served with a fresh herb yogurt

Ahi Tuna
Sesame crusted fresh Ahi tuna pan seared and served on a fried wonton triangle with a wasabi aioli

Grilled Lamb Popsicles
Fresh herb crusted lamb chop served with cilantro cream or fenugreek curry

Steak Bites
Pan seared tender beef bites and served with chipotle mayo

Mini Chicken Potpies
Slow braised organic chicken in a creamy béchamel with spring peas, carrots, and braised onions in a savoury pastry shell

Tuna bites
Served with a lemon and dill aioli

Bacon wrapped Chicken bundle
Filled with goat cheese and dates

Bacon wrapped Asparagus

Bacon wrapped Sea Scallops

Jumbo Shrimp
Rosemary Parmesan crusted jumbo shrimp served with a fresh herb aioli

Smoked Salmon Rosti
Served on a crispy potato rosti with red onion & capers and finished with a fresh herb cream cheese & fresh dill

Crab Cakes
With a fresh herb aioli

Mac n Cheese Croquette
With a chunky fresh tomato salsa

Parmesan Crisp with Poached Pears & Chevre
House made Parmesan crisp topped with poached pear and local chevre

Bacon Wrapped Dates
Plump dates stuffed with Chevre and wrapped in bacon

Mini Stuffed Baby Potatoes
Filled with onion, mushroom, potato & fresh thyme

Phyllo Cups
Filled with creamy artichoke, braised onion, spinach and sun-dried tomato cream

Ordering Guideline for Canapés

30 minutes to 1.5 hours
3-5 pieces per guest

Afternoon Party
1.5-3 hours
7-12 pieces

Cocktail Party
2-4 hours
13-18 pieces


Please contact us to customize any dish or to help you create your menu.


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